Your mind must arrive at your destination before your life does.

“Your mind must arrive at your destination before your life does.”


I read that and I had such a strong connection with it. That is exactly what I am learning. The thoughts you feed yourself today make up who you are in five years. We all have our demons, mine just happens to be my eating disorder but what’s yours? Is there a story that keeps coming up for you? What lesson haven’t you perhaps learned? If you’re sick of dealing with the same issues you have to work to change it.


Hey, you must exercise the demons, right?


Everything in my mind is backward right now and it’s so hard to navigate through but hey, it’s sink or swim.


If you envision a better life you need to start working on it today. It may take time to get to the bottom of your problem, like annoyingly long time and even when you think you finally understand you may realize automatic subconscious thoughts you have , but you’ll start learning ways to recreate a new mindset and you’ll actually start helping yourself. You just gotta werk!

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