5 Tips For Getting Through Your Next Meal

Even years into recovery, those struggling with an eating disorder will struggle with meals. These are my go to tips when I myself am finding it to be a challenge to get through my meal.
    1. Bitchin’ Playlist– Hell Yes. I have a playlist filled with motivational or feel good jams. Each song vibrates good energy and reminds me a. How good life is b. How strong I am and c. How there is more to life than my pant size.


    1. Text a Support– Seems obvious but I forget I can do this about 90% of the time. When I’m struggling this always forces accountability. I typically text a support I’m struggling and we’ll either work out a meal I can manage or we’ll talk through what the issue seems to be.  I have a love/hate relationship with accountability, but I know it’s a good idea! Try taking a picture of your meals to send to supports too.


    1. Write Your Why Down– Either jot it down on a sticky note or on your iPhone, write a quick list of your WHY for recovery. What have you gained? Why is it worth it to recover? Writing down forces you to recognize and remember these things- pulling you back into the now and out of the eating disorder.


    1. Keep a Recovery List- Sometimes if I’m struggling, I recall specific past recovery wins as references ie. I ate a whole cup of rice before and nothing happened- so I can eat it again this time. Keeping a journal of these wins helps you realize just how much you overcame and reminds you that despite these scary foods, nothing will change.


  1. Opt for “Safe foods”– We try to stay away from categorizing ‘safe’ goods in recovery, but when it’s the difference between eating and not eating, I think it’s worth it. Everyday is different. Sometimes a sandwich sounds great, other times it’s terrifying. On those days, I opt for ‘safe’ foods that I feel more comfortable eating.

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