Throughout my recovery, I have encountered so many misconceptions about eating disorders and recovery.

I hope to my share my own experience to help bridge this gap and to provide an  resource for support systems. I want people to see that eating disorders don’t have a specific body type, that recovery isn’t just about eating more food & if we start a conversation about it, we can easily support those around us struggling with an eating disorder.

And although having an eating disorder is a total bitch, it’s equally as hard on the friends and family supporting the individual. If I can’t figure out what the heck is going in on my head half the time I certainly wouldn’t expect you to! As a support, it’s hard to know what to say, what to do and what not to do. So I figure being open & honest about my own journey can help supports make sense of their loved one’s thought processes and I will do my best to offer tools to support the friends and family trying to understand how to help.