I’ve Been Fantasizing…

*TRIGGERING WARNING- This video was made to explain to supports what the urge to purge feels like.

You may be familiar with the phrase ‘urge to purge’. You must be thinking a. what is it b. none of it sounds appealing. You’d be right on that, but still, it’s something many individuals struggle with, even into recovery.

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Because really, when I weighed less I was not happy.

I was lonely. I was exhausted. I was depressed. I was hungry.

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ED 101: 5 Things You’re Talking About That Derail Recovery

For a long time, I tried to ‘deal’ with peoples’ comments about food, weight, the gym, my body, others’┬ábodies, etc. Actually, during my eating disorder, I would hear certain comments and shut down, get pissed or completely isolate without really even realizing. In treatment, I gained the awareness that these comments were triggering, but I […]

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ED 101: The Basics

So for those who are completely new to the world of eating disorders, whether you’re a support trying to learn and be there for your loved one or you simply are just trying to educate yourself- there are some basic words we use in the eating disorder community that you’ll hear fairly often. 1. ED- […]

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