Because really, when I weighed less I was not happy.

I was lonely. I was exhausted. I was depressed. I was hungry.

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People > Stairmaster

I’m starting to finally want to go out, I want to dance, I want to hang out with other people, I want to have fun! But oh shit…I have no friends. Yup, I’m owning it. I’m not even apologizing- because it happens ALL THE TIME to people with eating disorders. Isolation is huge, the body becomes priority […]

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ED 101: 5 Things You’re Talking About That Derail Recovery

For a long time, I tried to ‘deal’ with peoples’ comments about food, weight, the gym, my body, others’ bodies, etc. Actually, during my eating disorder, I would hear certain comments and shut down, get pissed or completely isolate without really even realizing. In treatment, I gained the awareness that these comments were triggering, but I […]

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